When Meetings Get Whimsical at The GICC

Our favorite events at the Georgia International Convention Center are those that add the fun to function space! Every meeting and event space in the GICC is dynamic and transformable, making it easy to keep up with the imagination of any planner. We’re sharing a few of the most whimsical events at the GICC.


Meeting in Wonderland

This Alice in Wonderland themed event was quite the tea party. Decorated with clocks, colorful floral arrangements and plenty of “Eat me/Drink me” messages, our own Mad Hatters turned the GICC ballroom into the dreamworld at the end of the rabbit hole.




Potions for Meeting Success

The GICC engineered an event for the Shepard’s Sandbox group. Equipped with beakers, test tubes, periodic tables and lab coats, the theme was a true experiment in immersive decor. We expected success and, from these photos, you can see that our hypothesis was proven correct.



Step right up to the GICC!

Nothing screams fun quite like a carnival. With 150,000 square feet of exhibition space to work with, we were able to recreate a carnival experience inside the GICC. Everything you’d expect from the festive fairgrounds to the games, all the way up to a fully operating chair swing, were considered for a winning event.



At the end of the day, having fun is the name of the game here at the Georgia International Convention Center, and watching our event spaces take on a new life for attendees never gets old. Follow us on Twitter at @TheGICC for more updates and photos from all the fun things happening at the GICC.