Is the GICC the Most Accessible Convention Center?

We think the Georgia International Convention Center might just be the most accessible convention center – ever. By plane, train or automobile, keep reading to figure out what makes it so easy to meet at the GICC.

We’re the only convention center connected to a major airport. 80% of the U.S. population is within a 2-hour flight to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International
Airport! When you land, you’re practically here. In just a few minutes, you’ll be from runway to registration and ready to get on with your meeting.

We’re connected by rail.
The ATL SkyTrain extends from Hartsfield-Jackson Airport to the Georgia International Convention Center, to the Rental Car Center. Easy + breezy! No reason to worry about getting lost or stuck in traffic. Just hop on and within a 5-minute ride, you’ll be cruising into your morning meeting. Learn more here.

MARTA is our local transit train that can take you up through downtown Atlanta and its neighborhoods. The ATL SkyTrain can take you from our campus to the airport, where you can connect to MARTA line of your choice without sitting in traffic. Additional information, includingmaps and train times, can be found on the MARTA website.

We’re at the juncture of two major interstates.
Connecting us to multiple states in the region, I-85 and I-75 are just a stoplight away. Spanningupward through North Carolina and downward through Alabama, just follow the highway until you see the signs for our venue!

More information about traveling to the GICC venue can be found on our website.