Top 3 Tips for Boosting Attendee Engagement at Meetings

  • Create dynamic networking spaces.

    Encourage attendees to engage with one another by designing a networking area that invites and excites attendees to commune (and communicate) in that space. You can do this by incorporating details that are personal to your event, like these innovative displays. Additionally, themed lounges are sure to create pre-event buzz between your attendees by adding a layer of entertainment to the experience.



  • Ensure that your content is not only relevant, but applicable.

    When putting together content for your meeting, you can never go wrong by going back to the basics: keeping content current, specific and usable. With educational breakdowns, you can make sure to keep content relevant while keeping key takeaways in mind, especially for newcomers. That way, your attendees are well-equipped to follow along and apply what they’ve learned.

  • Delight attendees with tech.

    Dazzling attendees doesn’t have to be difficult, just determine what types of impressive technology you’re able to utilize throughout your meeting. Examples included virtual and augmented reality, but can be as simple as upgrading your experience to a more digital experience overall.

    Now you’re ready to creating a better, more engaging experience for attendees! Interested in learning about how to reel attendees in through event decor? Read more here and follow us at @TheGICC for other helpful tips.