How to Excite your Attendees through Event Decor

Choosing the right decór is a surefire way to “wow” attendees and make their experience a memorable one. While event decór is often unprioritized, at the Georgia International Convention Center (GICC), creating a fully immersive event is always top of mind. Our experts have a few tips for how you can better utilize innovative decor to take your event to the next level.


Use a theme

Selecting a theme will help turn your event decorations into a larger part of the attendee experience by creating a mood and overall tone for the event. Make sure your theme is easily recognizable and that the decor you select fits within the determined theme. Many of the overlooked aspects of decór (e.g., plating, textiles, seating) come in sets, making for a more cohesive outcome.


Incorporate food displays

Food displays are known attention-grabbers. Attendees pay attention to the location of the food, regardless the type of event you’re hosting. Make the most out of these high-traffic areas through creative culinary displays. Tiered/elevated displays, props, colorful arrangements and flattering uses of lighting call all make your food displays pop to impress your guests.


Use color effectively

A key part of achieving decorating success is understanding color and how it works. Vibrant colors can be eye-catching, but not always effective or on-brand for your meeting. Certain colors are associated with specific moods or feelings. For example, red is associated with excitement while blue is associated with calmness. Monotone decorations can give off a clean and concise feel while paired complementary colors can cover a range of messages.


Decorate the entire space

Decorations should start at the point your attendees first interact with your venue. Make your impression early with an attention to detail and keep that same attention to detail for the entire journey any attendee may take throughout the venue. Attention to detail where it is not expected can have a very big impact.


Take advantage of venue support

At the GICC we have a wide array of services available to event planners to make the most out of their interior and exterior design ideas. Ranging from full audiovisual equipment rentals and support to gourmet onsite catering, our goal is to work with you to sure that your event is a success. Make an effort to work alongside your venue and use their expertise to benefit both you and your attendees. Venues may be able to achieve your vision with assets already on hand, saving you the time, money, and stress that comes with ordering decorations.


If you’d like more tips on making your event decorations stand out, tweet us at @TheGICC.