Maximizing Event Impact through Details

While there are many ways to make your event great, personalization and attention to detail drives the most impact. Throughout your meeting, keep the following in mind to maximize the impact with your attendees.

Little Gestures
Everything matters, even if you think it doesn’t. Small gestures create more of a 360º event experience and add a welcoming feel and great environment. Consider adding personal touches to everything during your planning phase: signs, presentations, booklets, music, decor, menu and even staff attire.

Cultivate Customer Service
Amongst all things, guests will certainly remember who they met at the event. From each attendee greeting to the farewell wave, make a lasting impression on attendees. Guide your staff and team members on the “what-to-dos” but more importantly the “what-not-to-dos!”

Communicate Effectively
Accuracy is key! Cross your t’s, and dot your i’s. Spell check is your best friend. Short messages resonate with guests looking for quick information. Stay cohesive will all messaging throughout the event.

Stay on Schedule
Make a schedule and stick to it. The more off-book you go, the more attendees may get nervous. Keep track of the schedule guests get and stay to that. Plan leeway time slots into your schedule in case you’re running overtime mitigating time issues beforehand.

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