Five Ways to Make Your Booth Stand Out

Looking for ways to stand out at the next trade show? We’ve seen it all and we’re here for you with insider tips and tricks on how to get more foot traffic to your booth.
1. Try a theme
Find a timely concept that appeals to guests. Think about what’s trending or seasonal themes. In the fall, a carnival theme is an interactive way to engage attendees on the trade show floor with games and prizes. Take the stakes up a notch and stick the keynote speaker in a dunking booth with a big ticket prize for the brave soul who hits the target.

2. Stay classic
Have to stick to strict marketing guidelines? A classic booth never goes out of style as long you’ve got the goods. Typically vendors have the four B’s: banners, business cards, brochures and branded goods. In a sea of sameness, find a way to stand out and attract conventioneers to your booth. Tried and true tricks include giveaways or themed beverages, but take it up a notch with live performers, shoulder massages, a themed photo booth or hot-ticket items like the latest tech gadget.

3. Break tradition
Have room to experiment? Keep it classic, but think beyond tradition and ditch the table entirely. Open up the space and give people a space to unwind between sessions with a ping pong table or giant Jenga set on astroturf.

15th Annual Job Fair

Life Sciences Summit 2012

4. Go big
It’s your time to make an impression, so go big! Think outside the confines of the rectangle on the floor and about how you can extend the space from above to get noticed when people wall into the hall. Think about ways stores in the mall drive foot traffic and appeal to the senses. People will follow the smell of popcorn. Brainstorm with your team and talk about previous booths you’ve seen, promotional items and what appealed to each of you individually. See how
you can make an impact by being a bit creative.

GaETC 2010

5. Presentation counts
It’s important to be approachable at your booth and think strategically about the placement of items to encourage foot traffic, but creating a memorable experience is just as important. If you have a product, bring it with you to encourage attendees to sample or incorporate items into your booth in an artistic way.

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