Changing the Way We Network at the GICC

As business professionals, we all have to do it. For some, it comes naturally while others would much rather write up a 60-page report on “Why a Hotdog is not a Sandwich.” We’re talking about networking.

Scared ya, right? Well, don’t worry – it’s time to take networking to the next level. More importantly, it’s time to make it effective and – well – fun.

We’ll help get you there with these tips.

Upgrade the Name of the Function
Call it the social circle, mixer or create your own spin on the classic term, but stay away from the word “networking.” It will take the edge off of your guests, making them less tense to interact with one another.

Step up and be a host
Get your guests together! Make the environment feel warm, approachable and like a family gathering. Try giving a few words about the two parties, breaking the ice for them. Or, kickstart conversation by giving them a conversation starter. Fast Company wrote about name tags taking introductions to the next level to create common ground for attendees.

Have an open space
Map out the room so there is enough space for everyone to mingle. The environment should look and feel inclusive, but overall, be fun! Try a theme or activities that keep guests on their toes. Break tradition.

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