3 Trade Show Secrets for Success

Trade shows can be exhausting, but with the right strategy they can also be extremely successful for your brand. Success depends largely on your preparation before the event including reaching out to attendees on social media, preparing an exclusive look at a new product or service and planning to host a session or show event. Want to know more? Keep reading to ensure your next trade show attendance is beneficial for the success of your company.

Connect On Social Media

Trade Show FloorIt is important to have a social media presence at the trade show before, during and after the event. Begin posting about the event well in advance using the established hashtag, getting attendees and speakers familiar with and excited about your brand. During the event, encourage attendees to interact with your event posts or publish their own social posts about your brand. An excellent way to promote social conversation at your trade show is to have a social activation at your booth. Be sure to interact with attendees who have visited your booth and reach out to those using the event hashtag who have not yet stopped by. After the show ends, continue socializing with engaged attendees to build relationships and loyalty.

Give Attendees Something They’ve Never Seen

Whether it’s a new product or service you’re releasing, give trade show attendees an exclusive look into your newest offering. Not only will it draw attendance at your booth, but it will also create buzz on social media, thus driving more outside engagement with your brand. If you’re unable to debut a new product, give a behind-the-scenes look at your process to deliver a unique experience to attendees.

Host a Breakout Session or Event

The easiest way to build brand awareness is to host or sponsor an event such as a welcome party or happy hour. Another effective way to build awareness and recognition is to sign up to be a guest speaker or panel member for a breakout session. In both of these situations, you’ll be able to assert your expertise and direct attendees to your booth for post-session questions and conversations.

With a bit of pre-event planning and stepping outside of the box, you’re bound to have a successful trade show using the tips highlighted above.

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