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Apr 12, 2016

Catering Trends: 4 Creative Ideas for Food Displays


What is the best way to keep your event attendees engaged and excited? The answer is not just food, but how you display it.

Apr 11, 2016

5 One-of-a-Kind Events Held at The GICC in 2015


The Georgia International Convention Center is host to a wide variety of events from national conferences to small board meetings and everything in between.

Apr 10, 2016

3 Trade Show Secrets for Success


Trade shows can be exhausting, but with the right strategy they can also be extremely successful for your brand.

Apr 11, 2016

Catering for Guests with Dietary Needs

Fresh News Blog

Catering for guests with dietary needs can be a difficult, yet necessary task for for any caterer or meeting planner.

March 29, 2013

How long DOES it take to get to the GICC from the airport?

GICC Front + Center Blog

A short ride on the SkyTrain, and its free. Well, thats what Ive heard. I have to confess, Im a little skeptical. Marketers like to make us think everythings right there. If we believed what we heard, wed think everythings close to everything.I wanted to see for myself.

March 27, 2013

New Executive Director Named for the Georgia International Convention Center

Interim Executive Director, Mercedes Miller, Tapped for the Position

The City of College Park has named Mercedes Miller to the position of Executive Director for the citys Georgia International Convention Center (GICC).Miller, who has been serving as the Interim Executive Director at the GICC, will be responsible for the leadership, operation and management of the states second largest convention center.

March 27, 2013

Mercedes Miller takes the reins at GICC

By Jacques Couret
Atlanta Business Chronicle

The Georgia International Convention Center (GICC) named Mercedes Miller executive director.Miller had been interim executive director at the GICC, which is the states second-largest convention center. She joined the GICC in 1999 and has held several positions, including director of sales and assistant director.

March 6, 2013

Shiny Healthy People (and Food!): Georgia Organics Gathers at the GICC

GICC Front + Center Blog

Have you heard the adage, You can pay your farmer now, or your doctor later? (Think about that one for a sec.) This years Georgia Organics conference theme, Farm RX: A Prescription for Better Health, brought together for the first time the two communities most accountable for the health of Georgians sustainable farmers and healthcare practitioners here at the Georgia International Convention Center.

Feb 28, 2013

Andouille Grits New Orleans Style

Fresh News Blog

One of things I love about CulinAero is the quality of the food were committed to prepare. See, many people who dine here admit to us unabashedly how theyre taken aback by the quality of the food we serve in a convention hall. And guess what? We get it! Of course, they are!

Jan 18, 2013

Considering Food Trends

Fresh News Blog

A recent article in the Atlanta Business Journal got us thinking about food trends. Several chefs mentioned the continued popularity of farm-to-table, with an increasing interest in humanely-raised poultry and meat.

Jan 3, 2013

Dr. Gupta to Speak for Farm-Fresh Food

Fresh News Blog

As we mentioned last week, we are proud to be hosting Georgia Organics 16th Annual Conference & Expo in February. With a focus on the health benefits of farm-fresh food, the conference will feature keynote speaker Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

Dec 27, 2012

Georgia Organics to Host 2013 Conference at the GICC

Fresh News Blog

We could not be more proud that Georgia Organics will host its conference here this year. But were even more proud that CulinAeros steadfast commitment to organic and locally grown foods influenced the groups decision to meet here. An outgrowth of a growers association established in the 1970s, Georgia Organics is a member-supported not-for-profit organization devoted to promoting sustainable foods and local farms in Georgia.

Dec 20, 2012

Rosemary Balsamic Chicken

Fresh News Blog

Delta Air Lines is hosting a leadership conference here soon. For lunch were preparing a Rosemary Balsamic Chicken breast thats always popular. Heres how we prepare it:

Dec 13, 2012

Using Scraps to Make Delicious Vegetable Broth

Fresh News Blog

Making vegetable broth is one of those things thats really easy to do, but most of us dont do it. We use vegetable broth in a lot of my recipes. Making your own vegetable broth is so easy, and it tastes so much better too.

Dec 13, 2012

The Great Customer Service Race

GICC Front + Center Blog

Take a look at this lighthearted, staff-produced depiction of how important it is to each of us at the GICC to deliver great customer service. You'll not see Clooney or Portman, nor the production values of a Hollywood set. But you will see our very own people, having a great time, and demonstrating not just saying how we care about customer service.

Dec 7, 2012

Self-Produced Video Skit Shows Our Affinity for Customer Service

GICC Front + Center Blog

You can train all you want, but exceptional customer service comes from the heart, not an operations manual.

Dec 6, 2012

Welcome to the GICC Blog

GICC Front + Center Blog

We realize that GICC Blog when pronounced gick blog may sound like the name of a brawny, Norwegian lumberjack. But actually, this is simply the evolution of our long-standing newsletter, Front & Center, from 10 years of print to paper-free.

Dec 6, 2012

Dont Just Order, Collaborate with the Chef

Fresh News Blog

Event planners all confess their job at mealtime is as much about impressing as it is feeding. And one of the best ways to ensure that meals provide the memorable dining experiences you want is to collaborate with Chef Kieley.

Nov 8, 2012

An Extraordinary Oatmeal Bar

If its CulinAero, its not what you think. Thats not a clever tagline, its what we do here: We take classic favorites and make them the best we can with the freshest ingredients we can find. Thats how we turn common into uncommonly good.

Oct 25, 2012

Bacon Lovers, Youll Love This

Fresh News Blog

Theres an old saying that all bacon is good, and some bacon is better. If you like bacon, youre going to love ours. We prepare and serve thick-sliced bacon that we smoke right here in our kitchen with pecan wood.

Oct 16, 2012

Our Paninis Pack a Punch

Fresh News Blog

Were proud of our CulinAero sandwiches. Sandwiches are popular lunch items, and no one at the GICC will ever get a humdrum combination of meat and bread. CulinAero Paninis are proof!

July 16, 2012

Convention Center cuisine receives an upgrade

By Devanny Novak
Exhibit City News

Feb 27, 2012

Georgia International Convention Center renovates food and beverage

By Exhibit City News
Exhibit City News

Convention centers have a long history of hosting important events in our culture. They have served as the setting for everyone from presidents and CEOs, to educators and religious leaders, and even technology and the creative arts. Yet despite the prominence these great venues hold within our society, convention centers have a reputation for producing institutional-grade, mediocre food. Until now.

Feb 24, 2012

Convention food gets farm-fresh update at Georgia venue

When you think of convention food, what comes to mind? Mystery meat? Inedible veggies? Hunger?Its not easy being a captive, and famished, meeting or event attendee, but the Georgia International Convention Center (GICC), in partnership with Atlanta caterer Proof of the Pudding, plans to sate its starving masses through a new food and beverage program.This venture is called CulinAero by Proof of the Pudding; at its core is a commitment to restaurant-quality food made with fresh, sustainable ingredients that come largely from local and regional organic farms. The effort will extend to concession stands.

Feb 23, 2012

Flavor Takes Flight at the GICC

Facility Teams With Local Caterer to Reinvent Convention Center Food and Beverage

Convention centers have a long history of hosting impactful and important events in our culture. They have served as the setting for everyone from Presidents and CEOs, to educators and religious leaders, and even technology and the creative arts. Yet, despite the prominence these great venues hold within our society, convention centers have a reputation for producing institutional and mediocre food. Until now.The Georgia International Convention Center (GICC) and Proof of the Pudding have teamed up to reinvent the food and beverage program at the GICC. This new venture is called CulinAero by Proof of the Pudding, and at its core is a commitment to restaurant-quality food made with fresh, sustainable ingredients.

Jan 16, 2012

GICC To Host Hosea Feed The Hungry's 2012 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Dinner

Aug 6, 2011

Antique Road Show to be Held at the GICC

May 16, 2011

Michelle Obama Inspires Spelman College Class of 2011

Dec 8, 2010

Rental car center spurs economic growth

First year of service benefits passengers and business

First year of service benefits passengers and business Today marks the first anniversary of the opening of Hartsfield-Jackson's rental car center. The facility consolidates all car rental companies and their operations into a single location, which is easily accessible from the Airport."Everything I've heard from customers and the rental car agencies indicates that Hartsfield- Jackson's rental car center is a huge success," said Aviation General Manager Louis Miller. "This capital infrastructure investment will pay dividends for our passengers for many years to come."

July 14, 2010

GICC spreading its wings beyond metro Atlanta with addition of new hotels, SkyTrain

Leon Stafford

By The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

A few years ago, leaders at the Georgia International Convention Center near Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport were quite content when they snagged local meetings and tradeshows from businesses in the North Georgia. But metro Atlanta's second largest convention facility is ready to spread its wings and go after bigger targets now that it is more easily accessible from the airport via the new ATL SkyTrain. It also has added its first convention hotels, a 403-room Marriott hotel scheduled to open next month and a 147-room SpringHill Suites already in operation.

June 28, 2010

Georgia International Convention Center Joins The Mobile Revolution

The GICC Becomes One of First Convention Centers in the U.S. with its own Smart Phone App

(Atlanta/College Park, GA) - The Georgia International Convention Center (GICC) is proud to announce the launch of its new iPhone application - myGICC. The advent of this new app positions the GICC as one of the first convention centers in the U.S. with this technology, and provides clients and patrons a revolutionary new way to experience the facility and to network.

Dec 8, 2009

Ready, Set, Connected

Georgia International Convention Center is the first convention center in U.S. with direct connection to major airport(Atlanta/College Park, GA) With the holiday season in full swing, the Georgia International Convention Center (GICC) is proud to announce that as of Tuesday, December 8, 2009, the GICC will be the first convention center in the United States that is directly connected to a major airport.

Sept 27, 2008

GICC Hosts Hotel Groundbreaking Celebration

Grove Street Partners and the City of College Park will hold a groundbreaking ceremony on Thursday, October 16 to celebrate the beginning of construction of two new hotels that will anchor the firm's one-million-square-foot, mixed-use development called Gateway Center.

Dec 7, 2007

The Convention Center of the Future

Now is an exciting time at the Georgia International Convention Center (GICC). Not only is the GICC Georgia's newest and second largest convention center, but it is also quickly on its way to becoming the most unique convention center facility in the country.

Jan 23, 2007

Development Coming to GICC/College Park

In conjunction with the City of College Park, Ga., Grove Street Partners will serve as master developer for a $230 million mixed-use project that will bring approximately 1.1 million square feet of office, retail and hotel space to the Gateway Center near Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.